This activity requires Adult Supervision!

Material’s needed:

  • A cardboard box with white inside
  • 4 inch square aluminum foil
  • scotch tape
  • razor blade (only by an adult!)

1. Have an adult cut a one inch square hole in one end of your box and a one inch by four inch opening on the top at the other end.

2. Take the aluminum foil and poke a very small hole (pinhole) into the middle of it. Tape the foil over the end square hole with scotch tape so the pinhole is in the middle of the opening.

Your Pinhole Projector is now ready to be used for the eclipse!

To use your pinhole projector, aim the foil end at the Sun.


Look through the long opening on the top of the projector and you will see the eclipsed Sun pictured on the inside back end of the box!

What are the Safety Facts?