Dolores Peterson has been a New York City School Teacher in Community School District 3 for the past nine years. She has a Masters in Education from the City University of New York and currently teaches fifth graders at Public School 144 in Harlem.

“Teaching allows me to share my enthusiasm for learning with my students. I try to show my students how exciting and rewarding learning can be, while encouraging them to explore to the fullest their areas of interest. This website is designed to provide for students, teachers, and parents the opportunity to interact with exciting information, and most importantly, to share this learning experience with each other. Kids have a wonderful trip through our Solar System and see what most scientists agree is the most spectacular event in our universe, a total solar eclipse.”

Lesson Plan Outline

How do the Sun, the Earth, and the Moon move?
What is an eclipse?
What is a total solar eclipse?
What happens during a total solar eclipse?
What are the safety facts?
How do eclipses fit in myths, stories and history?
How much do you know about our Sun?
How much do you know about our Moon?
What is a comet?
What are asteroids and meteors?
Glossary of Astronomical Terms